Amal's Prayer Chair
In memory of my loving grandmother Amal Sabbagh
This chair rocks to aid in the act of praying. The concept originates from the desire to aid my late grandmother who struggled to pray in the prostrate position. According to Islamic tradition, those who cannot physically endure prostration may pray in a sitting position. The typographic pattern on the skin of the chair is derived from the Arabic letter kaf and refers to the “The Throne” (Ayatul-Kirsi), a powerful verse in the Holy Quran. 

The verse states: “His Chair doth extend, Over the heavens And the Earth...”

material: (prototype) 3mm mdf; (scale model) Z Corp 3D print powder; 
finish: (prototype) Spray paint
process: (prototype) Laser cut contours and glue lamination 
size: 3/4 scale prototype (70cm w x 68cm d x 58cm h)
scale model (29cm w x 25cm d x 22cm h).

Initial Sketches and Iterations
Z Corp 3D print powder
Video Image Sequence and Documentation
3mm mdf – Laser cut contours and glue lamination
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