Walkway installation inspired by
Ayn Al Hasud
Ayn: ع  is a two-wall open walkway lined with serial planes that act as a barrier between opposing sides of the structure.
The concept is derived from Ayn Al Hasud (The Evil Eye), which refers to the gaze of one person to another. It is both a physical experience, and as a psychological phenomenon as we are susceptible to causing affliction through jealousy, admiration or envy. The form is designed as an experience to reveal and conceal members as the move through it, this controlled condition allows the duality of being protected and unprotected by the Evil Eye.
The form stems from both; the Arabic letter Ayn and an Eye (arabic word for Eye is Ayn). This letter form changes depending on it’s position in a word, if it is in the middle, it closes it’s open counter in order to protect itself from other letter forms, mimicking the behaviours of an Eye.
This project was designed by Noor Jarrah and Sarah Alagroobi
{Series Planes}
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