A collection of Emirati Tribes in the United Arab Emirates. Represented in the form of a touch-screen infographic.
In the United Arab Emirates, the family name is the driving force that predicts what treatment, marriage, employment and social class you belong in. In the UAE this is the key factor that can make or break a social chain. This is a visual exploration of  the socio-political issues circling the Emirati society. These issues stem from the taboos of Emirati culture and traditions, and the stigma’s placed on the social classes.
The great divide was born from tribal rivalry, and the need to keep the blood line pure. Although these issues have not be addressed and have been generally avoided in the public, I believe it would be and interesting  topic to tackle.
A survey's participants are young Emirati  males and females that live in the community - facing these social stigmas.
A collection of Emirati tribes, synthesized in terms of gender, marriage, and tribal hierarchy
The social straficiation of the Emiratis:
Royal Family
Pures (Emirats that have a tribe 'Qabila') (Arab descent)
Ajam (Iranian descent)
Foreigners (marriaged into the Emirati community).
stills of touch screen function - revealing the integration of different ethnic backgrounds in the Emirati community
The touch screen functions
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